World-Class Solutions, the World Over

Whether the answer lies in strategically aligning your workforce to your business strategy, finding innovative talent sources or outsourcing entire functions, we provide the right solution to deliver the business impact needed to succeed. And because we share the risk and the return with you, our outcome-based solutions are built to maximize results and minimize time to value.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Offering flexible and scalable recruitment solutions, we are the largest Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider and global leader in the industry as recognized by NelsonHall and Everest Group for seven consecutive years.

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Managed Service Provider

TAPFIN is recognized by NelsonHall and Everest Group as a leading managed service provider (MSP) dedicated to the innovation and delivery of integrated workforce management solutions worldwide.

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Strategic Workforce Consulting

Strategic Workforce Consulting creates impactful workforce strategies by leveraging our deep understanding of global workforce trends, our granular knowledge of local markets and our workforce solutions implementation expertise.

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Borderless Talent Solutions

Borderless Talent Solutions (BTS) is specifically designed to help you move in-demand talent from skill-rich regions to markets with talent shortages quickly and efficiently.

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Talent Based Outsourcing

From contact centers to manufacturing to IT, we provide outcome-based, talent-driven outsourcing of operations, functions and services to enhance flexibility and drive productivity.

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